Davide Muccinelli—A Mesmerizing Lens

An Interview with Gail Spilsbury

Davide Muccinelli was born in: Castel S.Pietro Terme (Bologna) Italy and studied at Faenzas design high school "Gaetano Ballardini." Alongside his successful career in the ceramics industry, Davide has pursued his passion for photography with hypnotizing results. More of Davides work can be seen on Instagram: instagram.com/muccinellidavide/

GS: Could you say why many of your pictures involve sky disproportionately to any land in the frame? And, your pictures show a fascination with clouds and what they’re doing.
DM: I love sky and all that it represents: poetry and infinity.

GS: You have lots of road and night shots that blur lights and create different atmospheres. What interests you in these depictions?
DM: I think that behind what we perceive there is much more. I love the contrasts and the normality, the day and the night.

GS: Do you digitally alter your photographs?
DM: Sure, when creating a picture, its difficult to stop after the first draft, as it would remain only a frame. Elaboration determines personal art.

GS: When did you discover photography, and have your subjects changed over time?
DM: Previously I painted and more recently discovered my passion for photography. My approach is quite randomthe images ask me to be captured, I dont decide them.

GS: Has the work of other photographers or artists influenced you?
DM: Everything comes from Masters: Jackson Pollock, Tonino Gottarelli, Enrico Castellani, Alberto Burri...












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